Eagle atop the temple flagpost.

A typical Thrusday eve, the Sabbath day for Vaishnavas. Bliss of sky poured down as heavy rain accompanied with wind and lightning. Nature seems like enjoying every bit of it. The sky doesn’t seem to quit his immaculate love on Earth, she embraces it passionately and let him in!

Inner peace starts dwell my mind as the wind made rain droplets to kiss my face. Umbrella struggles to stay upright against the mightiness of the wind. But I enjoyed a ‘spiritual solitude’ beneath it, fenced by rain.

Lord seems contented, busy; blessing everyone with this inexplicable eve. Yet remained uncanny as always with his stoic expression! The smell of camphor mingled with rain awakens spiritual Euphoria in his Adobe premises. I breathed it in! ‘Soon camphor lost its body, A sublime to Nirvana’!!!

Every mind was lightened up by the firelamp of lord, solely; untouched by the wind and rain. The exception was the frequent coruscations from high heavens! Hence formed luminous was promptly engulfed by the darkness.

A moment of Awe, when lightning unveils the ‘abnormally eerie yet exceptional and blissful’ view which might happen seldomly. King of the Skies, Eagle – Chariot of the Lord, atop the landmark single stone flag post of the temple. What muses me was, the eccentric dauntlesness of the creature, standing (manages to) bipedal on the ‘Perunthachan’ made ‘Garuda idol’, spreading its wings against the mightiness of the wind and not caring about soaking himself. His gutsy movements was like demanding the gusts for more. Literally, Ruling the Sky!

The Gold covered idol and copper roof plates were scintillating in heavenly Flashes with wild enigma, tinged with azure. My mind perplexed but conscious of what Am experiencing, numerous thoughts arise; my eyes thanked every flashes of lightning, hands glued together in devotion. I wished to live in present, cuddle every seconds, as i realize he may catapult himself at anytime. ‘The Imminent Loss’!!!

It happened at the blink of an eye. With the very next lightning, I ‘felt’ vacuum there. But everything remain unchanged, except the minds of lucky ones who witnessed this ‘Mythical reality’! Sky didn’t stop loving earth, wind was still in hurry. And I sketch a picture in mind and saved it for missed ones, with the limited time he gave.

Overwhelmed by his pristine love, I stride the majestic gopuram with gratitude. On leaving, a bird’s eye view of that eve appears my mind. I could only see Lord at horizon in his Supreme form. Sun was about to be blanketed in grey shade. My wings spreads, could feel the wind. Something kept me pulling towards him. With the blink of my eye, I was darted by unknown divinity, cutting swiftly through the wind. In a glance I saw cohort of budding seedlings, germinate; craving to fly high. ‘The Blissful vista’!!!

(A view from SreeVallabha Temple, Thiruvalla)


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