Nagavalli, to fantasize about.

Manichitrathazhu series #2 : Firing my Imagination.

          I ponder upon the reason why Nagavalli imprints her enigma in millions of movie fanatic minds across the nation. Why we breathed her in, tasted her sweat that drenched her attire, feared her continually averting eyes that searched for Sankaran Thampi? As the movie slowly progressed towards the end, it was the viewer who got possessed by the exceptionally eerie visuals. Through many a brilliant shot and the narrative brilliance of the writer, Nagavalli was slowly instilling into the viewers mind irrevocably. Its a rare happening that a movie character (Ganga) and all viewers get possessed by another character (Nagavalli). This is the reason why Nagavalli became a glorified wandering soul with flesh and bone, and Ganga is personified as a typical humanoid figure.

          Even if we were at the brim of getting possessed by the character we hadn’t danced or crooned as Nagavalli, but still, as an after effect, some souls would have carried Nagavalli deep in their mind even after the movie fades into credits. One such abnormality I’ve noticed in myself is that, I always got carried away by a brilliant shot which shows the fervor in which Nagavalli ran though the secluded corridors of the Mansion. When Dr. Sunny and Nakulan rushed in to find Ganga missing from her room, they get stumbled upon the clothes stripped off by Ganga/Nagavalli on the floor. A second of sheer brilliant frame was enough to show the complete transformation of Ganga to Nagavalli very effectively. It is not sure whether she had done it on her way to thekkini or not. But I always tried to fantasize about her, running nude, fervently climbing the stairs to thekkini.

Dr. Sunny and Nakulan shocked to see Ganga's stripped off saree.

Dr. Sunny and Nakulan shocked to see Ganga’s stripped off saree.


Ganga's saree on floor.

Ganga’s saree on floor.

I fluttered in my Imaginative realm..

‘She strips off every piece of cloth that did not belong to her (Nagavalli). She then wears her skin as the attire. Her mind is delicate as the drooping voluptuous curved flesh hidden beneath it. She is as strong as the bones that give her shape. She kept busy her leg in task of following the other, climbing each step fervently, muttering her enemy’s name. Her big bosoms and buttocks were bouncing and dancing to the music composed by the anklet-bell she was wearing. Hair strands got tightly glued by the sweat running through her bare back. The sindoor she wore in the parting of her hair got mixed with sweat forming blood like stain on her forehead. It flows down her cheeks. She has bloomed into a ‘vivaciously lustful’ critter thirsting for sap and flesh !’

Nagavalli climbing stairs to thekkini nude - Artist's impression. (Click to enlarge the image.)

Nagavalli climbing stairs to thekkini nude – Artist’s impression. (Click to enlarge the image.)


The space that the director deliberately left forces the viewers to imagine their own version, thus Nagavalli attains sublimity in the subliminal consciousness of the percipient. The pleasure of such wild imagination make viewers crave to experience the brilliantly made movie, again and again.


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