I shan’t leave you again alone, never.

Picture Courtesy – turbotwister.ru

Picture Courtesy – turbotwister.ru

I was in love ,

every preterite moments;
as rain in monsoon I poured,
like a tree rooted deep she stood in it.

Winds blew me to far away west,
hapless I, lost my sap and vigor;
Big orange ball came in limelight,
fell and withered she stayed there lone.

In murk she sensed the pain that cloaked,
for lights and dark she lay lifeless;
when the wounds were healed and pain melted away,
sprouts the buds of hope and love.

High heaven above to sands and dunes,
sensed I, the silver lining,
the scent of death and lights of death,
winds of death and death came near.

Resurrected the I, to cycle of 360s,
met her – a women in trousseau;
Love poured down as drenched words,
‘I shan’t leave you again alone, never’.

she took me in deep with content,
through every twig in her that thirsts for love;
and entwined our souls in bud,
that blooms into a flower of smile.


8 responses to “I shan’t leave you again alone, never.

  1. This is a powerful blog. The name, the image, the design, the tagline they all complement each other. The content enhances and completes your blog. This poem of yours rich in language and emotions had me hooked. Lovely writing. πŸ™‚ Thanks for finding my blog Ravanan! πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t really get your expression ‘nod on my throat feel looser’. It’d be helpful if you just put it simple. Anyway, I shall take it as a compliment, though. Love.

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