A Dream’s Dream.

A humble attempt at flash fiction (very short story).

I consider this humble space of mine as an experimental ground to learn and evolve, by trying to share some of my sparked ideas, which often succeeded – sometimes not – to take birth as words, through the voice I created and exploring (the possibilities) as an author (Ravanan), who love to navigate in his dream and subconsciousness. Intrigued by the nature of dreams and Lucidity, it was my long wish to try on a meta-fictional dream concept. Finally it is here as a flash fiction. Do share your thoughts and views after reading. Love.


A Dream's Dream

A Dream’s Dream. (Click to Read)


13 responses to “A Dream’s Dream.

  1. I absolutely love your language , I adore these refined kind of languages now recently I discovered Edgar Allen Poe’s work Fall of the house of Usher , gothic story embellished in a few words. The language trapped me and commanded all my attention. I dont know if you have read it or not , but if you havent you defintely should read it.

      • Seriously, you are the first one here to suggest me a read, which I need the most in this phase of evolution and learning. I’d love to have your company in my Facebook realm. If you’ve no issue in sharing your space with a demon, feel free to befriend me. Love.

      • I would love to suggest a few books that you must definitley read , I am not a frequent facebook user I use wordpress every day but not facebook. Feel free to ask me any suggestions . I will do my best 🙂 Have you read songs of ice and fire by George R R Martin? It is a must read , its a 5 part series and its the story of Game of Thrones tv series. You should defintely check it , the medieval surroundings and the refined language will surely delight you. ❤

  2. Great work ! Loved the setting and the vocabulary…Just a suggestion, please contrast your site background, image background and the text color, a little better so its easier on the eye to read 🙂

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