Rav A Nan

Duality is the zeal of this Universe! We containing this stoic universe itself is Dual in nature. No surprise everthing exist in it exhibit duality. I thank ‘Parabrahma’ who gifted this priceless divinity.

“Myself RAV, the re-incarnation of the evil lord RAVana. I found myself an ‘eccentric genius’, an ‘astounding musician’ and never ever ‘evilsh beastality’. Vanity named after me. I pride for all the things I do. A self-conceited beast. I own a wicked mind filled with jealousy, I embrace the dark forces who love to possess me. I don’t have ten head, but I do have ten words. Never bewilder if I spit on you with tinge of Innocent smile on my face. I am a treacherous spike that longing to get stepped on. An entity who found sadism the most blisful. My ‘Alter ego’, the one I hate the most and one I longing to kill. He believe he is the real one. He possessed me like a virus from my birth. He believes in the demonic Four handed God while I believe in Three eyed God! Once he gave hand to a fallen soul- what I hate the most.”

It was in late adolescence I realized someone’s presence in me. In every instance that devil pops up and injects his evil into me. It was very late when I took the very first measure. I tried to kill myself!!! Later he made me to kneel before that demon in me, without my consent. I found myself comfortable sitting in Darkness. The wall of my room seems thickens for miles, I lost contact with the outer world.

‘He’ allies with Darkness (‘Ra’ in sanskrit means ‘darkness’), later he tells universe is filled with darkness (‘V’ in sanskrit represents ‘Omnipresence’). He calls himself RA.V! He starts deceiving everyone with his trickery, starts acting many faces. He claimed himself the demonic ‘Lord Ravana’.

Moment of Enlightment was far in time, it came when he acknowledged ‘I’. By then I was forgotten the time when ‘I’ being ‘I’, instead of ‘He’. I neither fought nor yelled, I meditate in the darkness before Three eyed (only place where he knelt). It teaches me every single being have this dual nature, the extremity! This enlighment happens when I came to know the ‘Three eyed’ and ‘four handed’ were two faces of same coin. And for harmony, only the coin needs to be unbiased! I made the devil in me to a deep meditation, set him free to wander in his realm. I tamed the demon in me, tranquilized him. But then my life musing ends up in an uncanny realization that, there are some point in life that you need to ask help from your demons. So, I befriend the eccentric devil genius in me!

Through this blog ‘he’ RAVe his thoughts, perspective and viewpoints. Posts may contains some dark eccentric subjects which may seems retard to your intellect – your views as comment are wholeheartedly welcomed. And at the same time my posts may contains some pure Godly moments (not dark) that I’ve experienced – Never mind I admit I’ve bi-polar disorder.


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