a void in heart, voices in head
a voile wore she lay,
voicelessly my thoughts screamed,
a voiceprint from her phone, voided me to sombre,
voila, I b’cme void,
voices in head,
wore a voile..


The Wall.

Stream of Consciousness.

Picture Courtesy -wallpaperswide.com

Picture Courtesy -wallpaperswide.com


There is only a rock wall that separates us from each other; I noticed it growing taller and shorter sometimes when our voices containing life and vigour entwined each other, and I also noticed it growing wider and thinner as our voices carrying emotions and feelings met half way in between; only to fade into an unheard scream or to become a deafening whisper, and it was the wall that helped my voice to appear human – to her – even when my inner demons were busy in lustfully desiring her voice – which, who knows, might have also been guising as Angel with a tone rich in love, exists and still ringing my ears as a mystery yet to unfold; an eerie feeling sprouted in me when a thought struck, flashed and burst through me, that the voice from other side of the wall could be a reflection of my own – reflecting by the wall, to keep me sane from plunging into clutches of lunacy or may be a hapless life seeking truth like me, and whatever the truth is, as long as that voice ring my ears, I know – that’d keep me Alive!

I shan’t leave you again alone, never.

Picture Courtesy – turbotwister.ru

Picture Courtesy – turbotwister.ru

I was in love ,

every preterite moments;
as rain in monsoon I poured,
like a tree rooted deep she stood in it.

Winds blew me to far away west,
hapless I, lost my sap and vigor;
Big orange ball came in limelight,
fell and withered she stayed there lone.

In murk she sensed the pain that cloaked,
for lights and dark she lay lifeless;
when the wounds were healed and pain melted away,
sprouts the buds of hope and love.

High heaven above to sands and dunes,
sensed I, the silver lining,
the scent of death and lights of death,
winds of death and death came near.

Resurrected the I, to cycle of 360s,
met her – a women in trousseau;
Love poured down as drenched words,
‘I shan’t leave you again alone, never’.

she took me in deep with content,
through every twig in her that thirsts for love;
and entwined our souls in bud,
that blooms into a flower of smile.

Once a wise man said..

Once a wise man said, find the demon in you and tame him.


(Click to enlarge the image.)

(Click to enlarge the image.)

He started it like a story..

          You were alone.. alone in darkness. In pitch black, you saw a light, far end. You ran hard, as fast as you can, you started to ‘Hope’ ! You reached the physical, conscious realm (or not). You were born ! You were not alone, you befriended a demon – Hope.

          But things were even worse than before, everything seemed different. You thought darkness was even better. You realized how treacherous this world was. You were confused and dejected. You were like Arjuna in Mahabharata. Then came the saviour, a true demonic companion of hope ! He became a close friend of you, he encouraged you, he was ‘Trust’.

” It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is one that is the most adaptable” – so you became a social being. You then got acquainted to a new demon, the most infectious one, ‘Love’.

Time passed, you remembered the good old days in darkness. You thought, what made you run? Why were you still lifeless even though you breathed? You realized, you were still in gloom and you yearned for a light far away. You started to ‘Dream’. You resurrected ! Like the Son of God.

You are now here, growing, running closer to your dream.

He then looked into my eyes. I’ve noticed an eerie feeling in it. I felt the darkness that clouded my soul, I saw it through his eyes. He continues..

There is someone you haven’t met yet. There is a villain in every story. He has no decency and shows no mercy. He lurks in the most safest place, and will wait for the perfect time for an ambush. After you find that you were in his point blank range all your life, you will beg him for mercy.

          You will then realize your enemy is indestructible, because he is ‘WITHIN’ you, in the darkest corner of your mind! He grows with you. He is as strong as you. He infects your mind like a virus, slowly progresses and incapacitates your body. Your brain may fool you. You make rash decisions. This enemy takes control of you! He is calm, slow. He becomes vicious when your anxiety and doubt meets your imagination. He is ‘Fear’, most ghastliest demon.

You lose everything – friends, dreams, society. You become Forever alone !

You pace towards mid-age, feeling regret, admitting the fact that you could have easily defeated fear at the beginning, but you wasted your time by ‘trusting’ and ‘hoping’. At the very moment you’ve come to realize that your dreadful enemy has become the ultimate reason for your survival! The idea is simple. There is an inevitable, exquisite form of fear – fear of losing something, that will keep you wide awake! You regain your senses.

“It is a strange fact that there is always something you could learn and rely upon even from your enemies!”

You should embrace your demons with ‘Love’, tame them. You should build a strong army with Hope, Trust, Fear and Love. Fight hard, endure and land on the door step of your dream. When the door opens at your knock, you will see yourself adorning the throne with a demonic smile.

        You welcome your old age happily and wait for light at the horizon. One day your eyes fill with a serene gloom, and may see the same old divine light. Run for it, you know you were a good runner even before you were born and still at your deathbed too! But now, to where? To a much higher conscious realm? To become a much paradoxical creation? Whatever it is, as long as the light is there, you will keep on running. And you shall keep on taming your demons for success. To meld with the light, and to ‘Be’ the light-

S A L V A T I O N.