Lost Dreamers.



Last night,
I had fallen into a dream, trapped
as a monolith
and chilselled down
to a form and shape, painful
it was when they carved someone
out of me and built a cage of darkness
to lock him in, confused
I was when they glued hands together
in awe and reverence
whenever their eyes met mine, Ignorant
they became as they never knew
my impotence and their blessings, distressed
I, for my pleas to help were never heard
as the Gods I knew were pleading
to someone in me, relieved
I was when reality embraced me
back onto the cozy bed, amusing
to think about human’s never ceasing
obsession of pleading to stone figurines, pity
on the hapless dreamers who are
trapped in those stones
waiting to get embraced by reality
and longing to wake up to their cozy bed.