a void in heart, voices in head
a voile wore she lay,
voicelessly my thoughts screamed,
a voiceprint from her phone, voided me to sombre,
voila, I b’cme void,
voices in head,
wore a voile..


The Wall.

Stream of Consciousness.

Picture Courtesy -wallpaperswide.com

Picture Courtesy -wallpaperswide.com


There is only a rock wall that separates us from each other; I noticed it growing taller and shorter sometimes when our voices containing life and vigour entwined each other, and I also noticed it growing wider and thinner as our voices carrying emotions and feelings met half way in between; only to fade into an unheard scream or to become a deafening whisper, and it was the wall that helped my voice to appear human – to her – even when my inner demons were busy in lustfully desiring her voice – which, who knows, might have also been guising as Angel with a tone rich in love, exists and still ringing my ears as a mystery yet to unfold; an eerie feeling sprouted in me when a thought struck, flashed and burst through me, that the voice from other side of the wall could be a reflection of my own – reflecting by the wall, to keep me sane from plunging into clutches of lunacy or may be a hapless life seeking truth like me, and whatever the truth is, as long as that voice ring my ears, I know – that’d keep me Alive!